In between

I posted "I finally found the butterfly I was looking for, so I will be bizzy for a while" in "many free crochet patterns" after I checked de MyPicot-link; well, it still wasn't the right one for our curtain tie back "upgrader". I guessed I had to create one myself. While "inventing", my mom had to go to the hospital. So I crocheted like crazy to finish the to-big-for-a-curtain-but-not-to-big-for-a-mom-butterfly for her, as a kind of "sheer-up-thing". Tired and in pain from the operation as she was, she still gave me a faint smile, so I think she likes it; mission accomplished, it hangs next to her baxters, to cheer her up when recovering gets difficult.
One off the items we spoke off, was the oncoming marriage of my brother, and what to give as a present that covers "we don't need anything". Shortly: the upgrading of the curtains have to wait a while. And the posting of the mom-butterfly, and there will be less done here, and...
Can you imagine that there are people who don't know what to do ? ! ?

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