If you want to find something to make at the internet, mostly it is a real quest. Saving everything you eventually might gonna do sometimes, takes a lot of place on your computer. If you put the site in your favorites, then again you don't have a picture. At a lot of sites you do have a list with subjects, but you first have to click, before you can see the pic. With blogs you merely have a lot of pics, but also all of the photographs of there family and pets...
Then I saw a blog with pics, links and labels: just what I was looking for! The labels
make it easy to find something back; and through the link, you can go to it with a click.

So, for example, if you want to do some filet crocheting, just click the label "3-crochet-filet", and you'll get a list of all posts on this blog about filet crocheting; if you want to go to the original site of the pic, to see the pattern or read the instructions, just click at the link nearby the pic (you recognize a link by its other color and/or because it's underlined, AND if you go over it with your cursor, it changes, mostly in a pointing hand. For example, the underlined "3-crochet-filet" here above is a link; and in fact, all labels are links to.)
And, if you want to make a butterfly for example, just click at the label "butterfly" at the right side of your screen; you will get all butterflies of this blog: crocheted, folded, made of beads, ... . Cool things, those labels, aren't they!
Are there more posts? If you wander if there are more posts, then take a closer look under the last post, there should be an "older posts"-link where you can click on: because nobody likes to wait long for an internet-page to be loaded, there are only shown a number of posts at a time; clicking at "older posts" in fact is a kind of turning the page
Why "older posts"? With blogs the newest posts mostly are put at the top, so you can see at once, if there's something new.
Why only English labels? If you want to make a horse for example, and you have to look on "paard", and on "horse", and on "cheval", and on ...; it'll only makes things more complicated, and the label-list way longer and so more difficult to use. So I have to make a translation list for other-language-speaking-people, and you will get all languages if you click on a label.
Why numbers in front of some labels? Labels are good, but I still wanted to have a kind of "chapters", to be certain to find back everything, and to be sure not to forget to write down all necessary labels. And because the fill-help of Blogger, numbers as "523-decor-flower" are just handy for the filler ;-)

If you should encounter an error or mistake, you would make me very happy if you wrote it to my guestbook, so I can correct it. (If you like to stay anonymous, you can fill "anonymous" as a name, adress and such isn't necessary, just for those who want. The code is to keep "silly fun guys" at a distance, and doesn't matter about CapiTaLS)
And of course, an encouraging comment is welcome too :-)
(this is the link to my guestbook, also to be found under the clock at the right side of the screen, as a GuestBook-link)

A lot of surfing-lol, make-things-pleasure, and greetings from ShirleyGreen

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