A lot of craft can be used to embellish bags, wearings, cards, ... . But instead of measuring it all, I thought it would be better to have special labels for it. But, since one only can have 200 characters in the label line, I had to be a little creative with its names. So:

4 trim card: flat, and little enough to glue on a card (A6, or A5 folded) embellishments, but not suitable to sew on fibre (fabric, or something you crocheted, or knitted, ...)
(ALSO SEE "trim pocket" to embellish a card)
4 trim pocket: like "trim card", but it can be sewed on fibre (and of course, glued or sewed on a card too)
4 trim hat: little 3D stuff which can be sewed on fibre, but are too bulky to glue on a card (like a 3D flower) and since mostly those things are sewed on a hat ...
(ALSO SEE "trim pocket" to see the flat ones)
4 trim bag: bigger flat stuff which can be sewed on fibre. (and if you really want to embellish a bag or something,
(ALSO SEE "trim pocket" to see the smaller ones, and at "trim hat" to see the more dimensional stuff)
4 trim scrapbook: like "trim card", but the bigger ones, which can be used in a scrapbook (a whole A4 page)
(ALSO SEE "trim card", "trim pocket", and "trim bag")
4 trim key: all non flat little things which can be used on a keychain; things to embellish and recognise a travel bag, a school bag, ... or just a little gift, for example; but not the "trim hat" stuff.

4 trim bag ALSO see "4 trim pocket" and "4 trim hat" and "3 counted"
4 trim card ALSO see "4 trim pocket" and "3 counted"
4 trim hat ALSO see "4 trim pocket" and "3 counted"
4 trim scrapbook ALSO see "4 trim card" and "4 trim pocket" and "4 trim bag" and "3 counted"

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