label-reorganisation take 2

Sorry folks, but I'm still not happy with my label organisation, the labeling kept me from posting, it's too complicated: too many numbers and stripes. But since labels order themself alphabetically, there have to be numbers.
While I'm figuring it out, the chapter-labels may be in a strange order, and there will be some try-outs. At the moment, I'm beaten by the alphabet: having 1 number and a title like "5---- PURPOSE -----", all ordens fine. But when I want subtitles like "5- DECORATION" and chapters like "5- decorate desk", the alphabet places the subtitles at the end. This is not my idea of titles, titles should be on top. Putting an extra space in the subtitles results in first a list with ALL the subtitles, then the chapters, grr.
Another idea is skipping the subtitles, and have labels as "5- decorate desk" and "5- decorate kitchen". Not bad, wouldn't it be I don't like labels as "5- hollidays Christmas" ...

If anyone has a solution, please help, just click that litle "reaction" thingy left under this post, and tell me !!!
In the meanwhile I'll keep thinking. I WILL find a solution, if not sooner, it'll be later, nah.

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