label-reorganisation take 3

Grrrr, I still have problems with "sorry, but you only can use 20 labels or a total of 200 characters". I'm starting to understand why all the blogs I've seen don't use chapters. But at the moment, I ... still ... don't ... want ... to ... give ... up !!!!

I've tried to think different now, imagined on which labels people and I would search. For a start, I don't think anybody would ever do a search on language, or the sort of post. It is helpfull information, but it can be included in the post itself.

- language: I think most of you would want to see all posts of a certain label, and if you really want to make it, you can allways ask me for a translation. I allready have used a different color for Dutch, so in fact, there's no need at all for a language label  :-)

- sort of post: most of them can be included in the post itself, except for the "blogs and sites", "comment" and "tip", they must be included in another chapter.
-tip: at the moment I have but one post with a "tip" label, (with for example: if you want to make a cushion, also look at the labels "stitches" and "granny's"); and though it isn't an instructable on itself, it leads to many usable ones. I think I just may omit this one.

- size: I don't think you really would do a search on size, except when you are looking for a flat embellishment for a card, or on something to wear; or if you want something little 3D for a key-chain for example. Maybe a chapter "general", which will also  include the former "basic", and some labels as "embellish fibre" will do. The sizes of wearables must be included in the post itself too, after all, with some stitches more or less, you get a different size.

And, snif, the "- ShirleyGreeny creation" is way too long, got to come up with something shorter.

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